Topographical and Geotechnical

Understanding of the shape and ground conditions of a site are as important to a development as its location and surroundings.

They can affect many things including safety or your ability to get the most from your resource. As a result, we must be able to measure these factors in detail to give the best information for each project.

When accurate information on a site’s ground levels is required, our team will perform level surveys to plot a profile of the land. These profiles are useful for a range of tasks, such as checking the height of embankments or the angle of a road. They are especially useful for wind and solar projects, each of which have to relate to the shape of the land in different ways.

One of the most basic considerations for any building project is to know if the ground can support it. Additional factors, such as peat location or ground pollution, can be important depending on the particular site. Where required, our team perform a variety of soil surveys to ensure that projects are both safe and comply with regulations.

The services we offer in this area include

  • Level Surveying
  • Peat Probing
  • Ground Condition Survey
  • Soil Testing
  • Bore Hole Testing