Digital Modelling

Regardless of the type of your development, digital modelling to predict the impact that your project will have on its surroundings offers answers for all parties.

At Cogeo, we have invested heavily in the latest equipment and software and are at the forefront of planning and environmental technology.

Within our business lies a culture of organisation and personal development and training, allowing our engineers to be at the very top of our industry, backed with the knowledge of the sectors we service and partner with. This is an appraoch that has served us well in both staff and customer retention and one that is critical when delivering digital modelling services.

Our models can be used in your planning application to provide accurate and clear data that remove guess work from your plans. A structured approach that provides the necessary data for planning committees and Local Authorities to make the right decisions for you, based on facts.

You can explore each of our digital modelling services and products in detail below.

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Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Our entire team are trained to use GIS software and make use of its many abilities to assess each site for a project. With it, we create clear and informative maps for both our clients and local planning authorities, using continually updated data sets.

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2D Modelling

Our in-house specialists use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to create accurate drawings for many different applications. Scaled plans and elevations for planning applications, long sections of land, internal layouts, and construction details are all common requirements we perform for our clients.

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3D Modelling

For three-dimensional drawings of buildings and other structures, our team use SketchUp 3D modelling software. With a vibrant online community, SketchUp is versatile and can show how projects will appear when complete, taking into account different finishes and colourings.

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Acoustic Modelling

As a central part to many planning applications, local authorities require information on the noise levels that your project will emit. Fortunately, our experience includes modelling software to accurately measure how much noise will be heard at sensitive locations, such as homes and hotels. This is a critical step in proving projects match requirements and can make the difference between success and failure.

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Acoustic Equipment

Where live recording needed, our team use sound and weather measurement equipment. Designed to monitor a site over several weeks, and access over the internet, our meters provide us with solid evidence of a site’s noise levels to inform different types of projects. The equipment also helps fulfil increasingly common post-construction monitoring.

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Shadow Flicker

Shadow flicker is a specific issue for wind projects, where the sun lines up behind a spinning turbine when seen from a property. Measuring this effect is a basic part of wind projects, and our team use software to accurately model how far this effect extends. Modelling provides proof to local authorities that flickering won’t be a problem, or where protection is needed.

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Radar Assessment

A vital aspect for wind turbines is to assess the effects on nearby radar stations to ensure safety of aircraft. We facilitate many different radar studies, as suited to each project, to uncover potential problems early in the process and suggest solutions.

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Avoiding effects on radio and microwave links is a vital part of development. Interrupting telecommunications can be expensive and even dangerous. Our team facilitates studies of radio and microwave masts to ensure there will be no problems arising from your project.



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