Air Quality Impact Assessment

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Air quality is of ever-increasing importance for new developments, and planning applications must guarantee that they meet strict air quality standards in the UK. We specialise in helping you through Air Quality Impact Assessments (AQIA). Our advice to all our clients is to avoid issues by acting early. This approach is essential for Air Quality, where the limits applied can be a reason for planning applications to be unsuccessful. By looking at the baseline conditions and potential mitigation early in a project, we can ensure compliance with the exacting standards Local Authorities apply to developments.

Our company’s core value of Clarity means that our approach is different. We work with you to find solutions by making air quality issues easy to understand.

With over 500 air quality management zones in the UK, developments need to be sensitive to their impact on emissions and increased traffic. However, this is far from being just an urban issue, with rural developments also acting as potential sources of emissions. Agricultural processes such as pig and poultry farming and commercial energy processes from Biomass, Combined Heat & Power (CHP) units and anaerobic digesters can contribute to emissions and odours.