Having developed our own renewable energy projects, we understand the need for developers to receive clear, accurate and commercially-aware advice.

We also understand how important it is to be able to assess risk at an early stage. It is on these principles that we base our consultancy services.

We look to share our vast experiences with our clients. Using our expertise, we are able to identify and analyse potential pitfalls for developments and provide alternative solutions or mitigations. By working together we can use our industry knowledge to understand challenges, provide support and offer guidance through the stages of development.

Providing access to up to date guidance and legislation helps everyone make well-informed decisions. From this, development stays on track and allows us to reach the build stage of projects as efficiently as possible.

You can browse the build and construction areas that we support within this area.

To discuss your development in more detail, call 0141 212 1322 and our advisers will be happy to chat through.