Importance of Planning

When it comes to land or building planning processes, it's all about Knowledge.

For Environmental Impact Assessments, the details and approaches can vary in each local planning authority and within different parts of the UK.
​We deal with this through our cross-disciplinary approach that considers each council's attitude, legislation and approval procedures to varied projects. It's true to say that the format can be interperated in different ways by individual councils and planning approval committees. However, it is broadly the same throughout the UK. For example, in Scotland, each application usually has a single appeal, whereas in England and Wales the appeals process can have multiple stages.

Our team are resiliant in their approach to planning processes, as well as management of the local authority, ensuring every aspect has been addressed and answered in exactly the way each local planning authority desires. Although planning can be a complex process, our consultants are well equipped to guide you through the processes and provide their expertise.

It's an approach that has served us and our clients well bringing successful outcomes.

Explore THE COGEO planning process in more detail below.