Planning Applications

Understanding the policies and guidelines that apply to your development site is key to achieving planning consent.

Our consultants advise on early engagement with the Local Authority to understand any concerns, immediately. By knowing what the Authority needs, you can speed up your application, reduce costs and increase your chances of gaining consent. In our experience, the biggest message we pass on to every client is ‘Be Flexible’. By working with all parties you can design a development in a sustainable and sensitive manner. Always remember, if you give a little, you can gain a lot.

Cogeo has experience in gaining planning consent for many challenging developments throughout the UK. Providing clear and commercially aware advice early on in the process, we deliver guidance on developments to ensure they comply with policy and legislation. At our core are consultants and managers with a common objective, which is to provide you with our experience and guidance on any appropriate environmental assessments that will be needed in your application. We provide all technical information and drawings, and communicate each process.

Our services include

  • Applications for Full Planning Permission
  • Applications for Planning Permission in Principle
  • Applications for Change of Use
  • Discharge of Planning Conditions
  • Non-material Variations
  • Variation or Removal of Planning Conditions
  • Technical Site Drawings
  • Planning Application Supporting Statements.

This full-cycle service and management delivery give you the best chance of gaining consent.