By providing a range of environmental services we ensure your project has a minimal effect on the environment, complies with legislation and delivers project confidence.

Our highly skilled, friendly and approachable staff are available to provide expert assessment, guidance and problem solving for all types of development. Assessments can be conducted at any stage of a development: To investigate the feasibility of a project, assess the impacts of a proposed development for a planning application, or post-construction to monitor the effects of a project once completed.

We ensure that our investigations are thorough and of the highest standard, whilst regularly consulting with agencies.

These include:

  • Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH)
  • The Environment Agency
  • The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA)
  • Historic Environment Scotland
  • English Heritage

This allows us to shape our assessments to fit your individual project, safeguarding the environment whilst ensuring the level of assessment we conduct remains reasonable. At Cogeo our focus is not only on reducing the impact of other’s developments on the environment, but also on making sure our own activities and services are carefully managed to minimise our own impacts. For this reason we have developed a programme to monitor and reduce our environmental footprint, in addition to taking steps to enhance the working environment for all of our employees.

We're proud of our sustainable approach and the buy in from our team. It all adds further confidence for you.