Community Groups

At COGEO, our in-house consultants have the knowledge and experience to support Community Groups.

This can be through local projects that the community are working on themselves, or work relating to other proposals where feedback is sought from the local community. We believe that local knowledge and support can lead to a successful project for all involved.

For applications over a certain size, you may have a requirement for community consultation or at least a recommendation. Previously Cogeo has provided visualisations, information boards, community leaflets, presentations and many other tasks for public exhibits and open evenings of various scales.

Clear communication and shared knowledge advice are paramount to community groups. Our team understand that for some, these projects may be new to them.

Our belief is that if you address the genuine concerns of a community, developers can then design a project that is sympathetic and considerate. In turn, community consultation allows a developer to dispel some of the myths that can surround developments.

Cogeo is also available to provide information at open evenings conducted as part of a wider project that we are sub-consulting within.

To take the right first steps for your community group project, contact the relevant UK planning and environmental office for you here.