Environmental Planning Appeals

There are several FACTORS THAT can PREVENT planning applications being granted permission.

The agility to take alternate routes to gaining consent becomes key. Planning appeals are heard at both a regional and national level, depending on how the original planning application has been determined.

This is a point were our diverse range of people, skillsets and experience can benefit you. For us, flexibility to re-assess and get you over the line is important, re-alignment of how this is acheived becomes a focus for moving forward. There is no requirement for new information to be accepted at the appeal stage, so your documents and application must be of the highest standard. This is where our insistence on comprehensive and high quality planning applications comes into its own.

We remain committed to our clients' objectives and many gain planning consent through the appeals
​process at both regional and national level with specialist input in these services:

  • Planning Appeal Statements
  • Local Review Body Representation
  • Planning Committee Representation
  • Requests for Additional Information
  • Site Visit Attendance
  • Directorate for Planning & Environmental Appeals (DPEA) Process
  • Planning Inspectorate Appeal Process.

inhouse expertiseIn-House Expertise

By analysing policies and using our intimate knowledge of the planning system, we provide you with comprehensive yet simplified appeal information that draws from the skills across our consultancy. By having in-house experts such as our acoustic consultant or landscape architect means that contentious issues with noise and landscape can be met with detailed understanding and problem solving. All of this improves your chance of success.

appeals iconAPPEAL PROCESS

Across the UK there are different appeal processes. Fortunately, our consultants operate in several locations across the UK and this gives us the expertise to face the many pitfalls and challenges. The main differences in process are seen between England and Scotland.

locationEngland and Wales

Most appeals under Section 78 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 are decided by an inspector, on a national level. Some are decided by the Secretary of State, these appeals tend to be for very large or contentious proposed schemes.

There are three types of procedures an appeal can follow:

  • Written Representations
  • Hearing
  • Inquiry.

The deadlines vary for each appeal, but contact us and we will be happy to guide you through the full process and the associated deadlines.


The Scottish Planning system works on the general principle of one application, one appeal. There are two levels of appeal in Scotland:

Local Review Body

There are three types of appeal considered by a local authority Local Review Body:

  • Non-determination of a local development
  • Refusal from a council case officer
  • Change of conditions from the approval notice, is sought for a local development.

You can submit information to the local authority about your development along with the original application. There is no opportunity to speak at a local review body, so the information provided in the notice of appeal is key to a successful overturn of decision.

Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA)

There are three types of appeal considered by the DPEA:

  • Non-determination of a national or major development
  • Refusal by a local authority planning committee
  • Formal notices requiring action

Matters at a local level (those under taken by the local review body) cannot be appealed again to the DPEA, other than in a case of non-determination where both the planner and the local review body have failed to make a decision.

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