Whether you just need measurements for the size of a hut, or complex modelling of a generator’s noise output, Cogeo will provide the necessary technical information for your project.

This ensures that your project will not have a negative effect on its environment or neighbours.

Real-life measurement is often expensive, and sometimes impractical or even impossible. Computer modelling is often a much more attractive option. It can be quicker and provide you with faster results for your project planning. At Cogeo we offer a range of digital modelling options for our clients, supporting projects at all levels.

Digital modelling isn’t right for everyone and in these cases on-site assessment provides solid evidence of a project’s effects on its surroundings. There are several different methods, but we can help provide the most accurate and cost effective solution. Clear and exact reporting of the findings are then crucial to ensure the target audience can use the information.

We tailor our technical site assessments to suit your needs, while meeting the standards of local authorities.