Industrial and Commercial

Whether you are starting, expanding or moving your business, COGEO is there to support you with our expertise.

Many new developments require planning permission, and you will want to ensure that you can get your planning application through the process as quickly as possible. That is where our approach comes into its own.

We communicate all planning policies to our clients at early intervention within the process to ensure that developments comply with industry and client criteria, taking an active approach in looking into environmental impacts.

This ensures that local authorities are provided with the correct information at the start of a project, reducing the potential for delays.

Our knowledgeable Consultants can assist your organisation with

  • Change of use applications
  • Discharge of Planning Conditions
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Mixed use applications
  • Planning permission
  • Environmental Assessment & Reporting
  • Roadway & Traffic Surveys
  • Noise complaints

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