Proving that your new development meets noise criteria for the area you are in can seem like a difficult task. This is when our Institute of Acoustics certified team can be invaluable.

Whether you need experience in residential, industrial, commercial, roadway or recreation developments, our acoustic consultants can provide monitoring and reporting for all types of developments. They deliver reporting for both desk-based and on-site noise monitoring.

Our friendly and professional consultants use a variety of class 1, industry standard monitoring equipment to ensure each survey and report is completed fully in-house.

Our services include

  • Ambient Noise Surveys
  • Desk-based Assessments
  • Cumulative Noise Impact Assessments
  • Noise and Vibration Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Building Services Noise and Vibration Control
  • Transportation Noise and Vibration Assessment
  • Industrial Noise Assessment
  • Renewable Energy Technology Assessment
  • Post-construction Monitoring
  • Compliance Testing
  • Pre-completion Testing