Planning and Environmental

Public and private clients trust COGEO for planning and environmental experience at any stage in their renewable energy development.

Our team are trusted with renewable project processes, assessments, technologies and commercial aspects. We deliver a clear, tailored service and provide either individual reports or a comprehensive package covering all environmental aspects for your planning application.

As we focus on delivering a high-quality service, we also want to work on high-quality sites. To achieve this, all developments go through our rigorous feasibility and screening before reaching the planning and environmental assessment stage. This way, we can minimise risk and achieve the best outcome for your site.

We provide these services at any stage of your development

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Planning Applications and Environmental Studies
  • EIA Projects
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Wind Turbine Noise Assessment
  • Wind Resource
  • Due Diligence
  • Community Engagement
  • Technical Advice and Support
  • Grid Connection Applications