Small change makes MAJOR difference

Small change makes MAJOR difference

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Renewable Energy has seen a change in fortune over the past few years with declining tariffs and a difficult and uncertain marketplace. Small-scale wind projects have been hit particularly hard in this time with many consented projects not being built.

In spite of this, projects that make direct use of the electricity produced by wind turbines are still very viable (for the time-being at least) and one such project was the 100kW turbine at Jameston Moss.

Jameston Moss is the site of renowned Ayrshire plant hire company R & L Miller and the turbine was seen as an excellent opportunity to provide security to the business. Owner, Robert Miller, states:

"We always saw supplying our own energy as being a key element of our company security. It reduces our overheads allowing us to invest in other areas of the business, it provides us with additional energy security and it adds an additional revenue stream"

The project, for a single 100kW 47m turbine, was consented in September 2017 with Cogeo providing the post-planning services of a non-material variation to change the turbine to a model more suited to R & L Miller's current needs and work on the planning conditions to allow construction to begin.

Once the Feed-in-Tariff ends in March next year it will be a difficult transition to a post-tariff market. But one thing is certain, R & L Miller will be joining our growing list of clients whose businesses have invested in their future by investing in renewable energy.

Our team continue to support wind, solar, battery and biomass projects and along with our installation partners can provide a full-cycle service to clients. Call 0141 212 1322 or email to speak to our team about investing in your business future.

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