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Latest Norvento Wind Turbine Launch

Latest Norvento Wind Turbine Launch

We are delighted to report, Spanish wind turbine manufacturer Norvento has launched a new model of its medium-scale nED100 turbine at a UK renewables event in Glasgow.

This is a welcomed move from Norvento as it will provide new, cost effective solutions within the small to medium wind energy market. The re-engineered turbine delivers several innovations that will both increase the model’s efficiency, and reduce the initial and long-term generation costs.

Norvento Enerxía is a group of companies devoted to promoting, constructing and operating power plants that use renewable energy sources. As a business, they have extensive experience within the energy sector, covering wind, hydro, solar and biomass.

Dave Anderson, VG Consulting Planning Manager commented “In recent years, working alongside our associated partners at VG Energy, we have overseen the planning processes for nine (9) Norvento wind turbine models.

All have successfully achieved planning consent and have been built out. This testifies to our own rigorous planning processes as well as the quality of the Norvento turbines”.

He continued, “By redesigning this Nacelle model with a more efficient 12m blade and including it in the range of Norvento turbines, landowners and commercial users can maximise their financial returns and savings in the post-subsidy UK medium wind market”.

This launch coincides with the recent reductions to Feed-in Tariff (FiT) support for onshore wind. At a time when many sectors are looking at sustainable wind energy solutions to combat the steadily rising electricity prices, this is good news for the consumer.

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