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Planning is a complex area, shaped by many forces. To be successful, it is critical to have knowledge of the planning committee, the Local Authority legislation and their attitude toward developments.

In this energy news article we explore if going "Green" can assist the planning process, your development and future sustainability of your build.

The Local Energy Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) has a vision to make a difference for communities throughout Scotland. At the CARES conference Energy Minister Fergus Ewing announced a £10 Million fund to support this vision. Explore Local Energy Community and Renewable Energy Scheme opportunities.

Find out here. 

Spanish wind turbine manufacturer Norvento has launched a new model of its medium-scale nED100 turbine. VG Consulting are familiar with Norvento and their products have seen successful planning approval delivered by us.

The following news article explains the arrival of this new turbine model and highlights Norvento benefits.