Onsite Energy Generation Boom

It’s all about seizing opportunity and in these competitive times we live in, onsite energy generation offers a new, sustainable solution.
Austerity and financial survival challenges are now part of the day to day running for any business, just as much as production and customer service.

One of the biggest challenges is keeping competitive whilst the ever increasing realism of rising energy costs continue to hit hard. Net zero energy consumption is an aspiration but businesses can need revenue channels to achieve it.

Many customers of VG Consulting are following the emerging global trend to take positive action and address their energy use and supply. Businesses are looking beyond the energy trilemma challenges to embrace the opportunity that onsite energy production and recently energy storage can leverage.

As part of the Ofgem Energy Entrepreneurs Report 2016, it states that the number of sites across the UK generating their own power has more than doubled in the last four years to 728, and this continues to rise.

Additionally, these organisations produced a total £99.6 Million worth of electricity for the wholesale market. More importantly this offers sustainability for these organisations and the opportunity to create investment in other areas including employment, plant and cost reductions to consumers. In turn they become a more competitive market force.

2016 is set for a significant rise in businesses embracing the opportunities that onsite energy generation and management offer, and using the support of VG Consulting to maximise their energy profile.

VG Consulting advisers continue to see steady growth in enquiries from businesses throughout the UK that are looking for advice on the best energy profile for them. This is encouraging as it demonstrates further what the Ofgem report confirms, that onsite energy production is a sustainable solution for the likes of Nike, Google and BMW. All of these businesses are looking to switch to 100% renewable power, as well as more SMEs operating throughout the UK.

Interestingly, we now find that investor and company board attitudes realise that renewable energy can make a significant positive impact to their bottom line. They can now count the renewable electricity they purchase against their carbon targets and make major reductions in the emissions they report, providing it is rigorously sourced and certified.

Regardless of a company’s energy requirements, both large and small scale onsite energy production provide solutions that are sustainable and viable for the future. You can read the full Energy Entrepreneurs report using the link below.


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