Wind Energy Journey is Alive and Well

Wind Energy Journey is Alive and Well

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On August 7th, 2016, the media went into overdrive to report that wind power alone generated 106% of Scotland's electricity needs for that day.

Although the wind energy industry has faced some challenges, it has confirmed its place as a sustainable and profitable solution to commercial industries, the farming sector and for communities. The sector is fighting back and delivering.

On that day, WWF Scotland’s data showed wind turbines in Scotland pumped 39,545 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity into the National Grid. Impressive statistics when you consider the nation consumed only 37,202 MWh—that’s 2,000 MWh more than the nation needed.
VG Consulting was excited to hear this news and that the media were sharing news promoting the power of wind energy.

Scotland’s industries need support to help them take advantage of the sustainability that wind energy offers. Many finance directors acknowledge that affordable energy is a major factor for their business in becoming a competitive supply chain.

Dave Anderson, VG Consulting Managing Director commented;

“We absorbed the many communications around the news and as good as it was, we want more. Industries and businesses throughout the UK are burdened with an antiquated energy supply model and face costs that hinder survival, never mind development.
Even more industries and individuals must benefit from what wind energy can provide.
Now that the dust has settled on this encouraging news, it is essential that we take further, positive steps to see that Scotland’s industries are supported and can benefit from new energy solutions.”


VG Consulting has delivered renewable energy solutions planning to many customers operating over various sectors, including biomass and wind turbines.


Two recent case studies highlight businesses that have embraced wind energy.

BHC Ltd, a steelwork manufacturer and fabricator in Carnwath, South Lanarkshire, is creating independent sustainable energy with onsite energy solutions.

Also Couplaw Farm which with our planning and partnership with VG Energy, joins the 37% of farming businesses benefitting from varied forms of renewable energy technology and production.

The team at VG Consulting have continued to support organisations with the vision to realise that renewable energy offers multiple advantages for businesses. While aligning with green supply chains and energy use policies, management can deliver healthy revenues and allow for sustainability and business growth. In a competitive business environment, securing cheaper energy and tackling the energy trilemma, is as effective on the bottom line as winning new contracts.

It is refreshing to hear positivity from the industry, and the realisation that renewable energy is not simply a “Nice to have”, but a financial advantage that many businesses will profit from.

With expertise and knowledge of the technology and renewables planning needs, VG Consulting offers the perfect fit for industries looking to harness the power of renewables. Our advisers are your first step to taking back control of your energy and will guide you through what you need to know, from most suitable renewable technology for your business, planning processes and finance options.

To take advantage of this opportunity, call our energy planning team on 01563 829 999 or
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