Scottish Renewables Annual Conference

Scottish Renewables Annual Conference

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It was a pleasure for the VG Consulting team to attend the Annual Scottish Renewables’ Conference held in Edinburgh on 1st and 2nd of March.

The conference is always a great opportunity for us to keep abreast of industry knowledge and current opportunities. As always a great line up of speakers presented and we thank Scottish Renewables for all of their hard work on another successful conference.

Highlights from the show included:

Niall Stuart, Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables – A Look To The Future

The Chief Executive started by informing the crowd that it is positive to see the UK on track to hit its 2020 renewable power targets, but asked “What lies beyond this milestone”?

Policy announcements and the future make-up of the power sector were high agenda points raise. Renewable energy’s wider role in achieving the UK’s ever more stretching climate change targets through the decarbonisation of heat and transport, were another focus area highlighted by Niall Stuart in his opening welcome to the conference.

Clare Esler, VG Consulting Planning & Environmental Consultant Commented

“The positive start to the conference highlighted the renewable sector remains in good shape with a desire both commercially and publicly to meet objectives. At VG Consulting we are at the forefront and see the challenges the sector has faced although our success in planning applications has been through the continued knowledge of what is required.

Niall Stuart’s comments emphasis that this is a journey and one which requires focus toward the correct fit for the end user and the environment and we welcome this”.

Also attending the conference, Craig Bosworth, VG Consulting Senior Environmental Planning Consultant, was encouraged by the public desire to renewables, commenting

“In a recent new poll that asked people in Scotland which energy source the next Scottish Government should prioritise, renewables came out on top. This is a clear indication that the people of Scotland wish for The Scottish National Party to make renewable energy a top priority. The survey poll, carried out by Scottish Renewables found: 70% of those polled wanting to see more renewable energy such as wind, solar, wave and tidal and two-thirds agreed that the government should “continue to take forward policies that tackle greenhouse gas emissions and climate change”.

We are delighted to hear this and look forward to the future of renewables in Scotland.

Low-Carbon - A Flexible Energy System

It was also interesting to hear industry views regarding the energy sector undergoing a fundamental and structural change. In power we are experiencing a move away from ‘one-way’ flows of electricity from large generators to passive consumers and giving end users the tools to better monitor and manage their energy use. Energy storage systems are not a technology of the future, they are very much in the mind set of all energy users today, including the business sector and Local Authorities.

A more flexible and low-carbon energy system, providing heat, especially for combatting fuel poverty and the ever increasing energy cost threats to industries is something as a planning and environmental consultancy we fully welcomed.

These emerging and current energy technologies have the potential to deliver on an individual, local and national basis. This was a welcomed attitude to hear although the challenges of planning and current frameworks need to align with this attitude and delivery.

The VG Consulting team were unified in opinion that to technology, supply, monitoring and especially initial planning to meet objectives were critical elements to this being successful.
In other words, a match between end user and environment needed proper planning analysis from day one.

Throughout the two days, we have been delighted to attend the event and the gathering of further knowledge within the sector, technologies and legislation offers us further opportunity to keep our network aware of Scotland’s renewable energy sector today.

VG Consulting can guide you through planning renewable technologies for any commercial or private land site.

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