Land Rental

VG Consulting has an extensive portfolio of our own renewable energy projects with land rental agreements.

Working to develop sites that will remain under our ownership, we have the knowledge and expertise to get the best out of a site, no matter the nature of development. We consult with you, then provide research and data that is based on fact. We can be confident that we will present the best solution for you to see return from your land.

You Have Options

Taking on developments can seem a daunting process. That's why VG Consulting is here to offer advice and allay your concerns. We are happy to discuss options with you and help kick start your project, confident that you have the best solution available.

Understandably you might want to adopt a scheme on your site but are not yet in a position to develop a project. For these situations, VG Consulting offers a range of land leasing and development options. We can design and develop a site and give you an annual sum for leasing the land.

We will design and build the most viable project to make your site a success. We are aware that the new development must be the best option for all parties. Therefore, our consultants will answer all of your questions to ensure we agree the best technology and options available to you.

Site Requirements

So if you have land that you feel would be suitable for development; whether for housing, industrial sites, renewable energy or any other development, we will help realise the potential in your land.

For a FREE assessment of your site's development potential, simply fill in the form below. Please provide your site map if it's available, with any site information and submit to our advisers.

To discuss in more detail and for further information please call OUR ADVISERS on 01563 829 999.

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