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Howden Biomass Boiler: Retrospective Planning

Howden Biomass Boiler: Retrospective Planning

project overview

As part of Ofgem's regulation of biomass boilers inspections are carried out without prior warning. This is to assess that boilers are installed, operated and fuelled in accordance with the guidelines. As part of the inspection of Farmer and Landowner Douglas Scott's boiler at Howden Farm, Haddington, Ofgem requested a copy of his planning permission.

Unfortunutely for Douglas, as with so many who have installed biomass over the past few years, he had been wrongly advised planning permission was not required. 

During the inspection process Douglas' RHI payment had been suspended and the news that planning permission was required meant further delays in money being received.

Howden Biomass Boiler: Retrospective Planning
  • Approach & Solutions

    The challange for Mr Scott was to gain planning permission as quickly as possible. Cogeo's Planning Consultants knew that providing accurate and clear information ensured the Local Authority would be able to process the application efficiently.

    We carried out a site visit where we undertook measurements of the existing buildings and boiler installation as well as taking pictures of the development. This allowed our Consultants to complete a full suite of technical plans and elevation drawings as well as gathering information on the operation of the boiler to show compliance with air quality legislation.


    Because of the quality of infomation received there were no queries from the planning department or consultees regarding the boiler. This allowed the Local Authority to consent the application in 4 weeks, as opposed to the standard 8 week determination period.